Detailed Update – 2/24/2014

Hello! The Lord continues to bless. I apologize if you noticed that I skipped a week: I was out of the routine as this past week was the lunar New Year. Our office had Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday off. I got plenty of sleep, food, and met some new people from the English congregation here. There was an older couple who are missionaries near Seoul who had me over Wednesday night and cooked some really good American food (they are from Tennessee).

Monday morning has its own routine: Paul and I play soccer with the myriads of other pastors on the Korean congregation-side of things. Yesterday there weren’t as many people there, so I was in a lot of the action but Paul insisted on showing me up anyways.

This morning I got to make coffee at my desk with my own paraphernalia, which is fun. Artisan roasting is very common around here, so just about every week we are sampling a new pouch of beans.

Thanks for your prayers! The Lord has blessed so much, I feel comfortable and ready to serve Him.

A Day in the Life

Snapshot of a day as an intern pastor in Korea

8:50am: Head out the door and into the street to walk to the office; maybe stop for pastry

9:00am: Enter office, say “good morning”‘s and definitely arrange for or make coffee

10:00am: Probably a meeting, mostly in Korean (or maybe ping-pong – I’m on a steep learning curve either way); Discussion of improvements and plans for Sundays; planning for retreats and events; sharing about pastoral concerns; time for prayer

12:00pm: Lunch! Whole office’ worth of pastors head out for meal together

1:00pm: Back from lunch: work. Reading, making schedules, charts, sermon / music prep.

6:00pm: Another day at the office! Dinner time.

8:00pm: Back at the aptmt, relax, laundry, organize, etc.

11:00pm: Bedtime, after watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Detailed Update – 2/11/2015

I haven’t been here long and I have been given some really big opportunities.

I am helping to plan our English congregation’s yearly retreat. Already there are a couple of opportunities to lead music worship! And the biggie: I may be the “point” pastor for re-starting a church plant on a college campus.

All of these things will require more than I can offer – God’s power and provision are assumed, and looked for minute-by-minute. Also, the past couple of days have been very physically fatiguing for me – on our “off” day [Monday], we got up at 6:30am to play soccer with pastors from the Korean congregation – and so I am praying and hoping my body learns how to rest at night so I can focus during the day. I have a lot to look forward to, and I don’t want to miss any of it!