A Day in the Life

Snapshot of a day as an intern pastor in Korea

8:50am: Head out the door and into the street to walk to the office; maybe stop for pastry

9:00am: Enter office, say “good morning”‘s and definitely arrange for or make coffee

10:00am: Probably a meeting, mostly in Korean (or maybe ping-pong – I’m on a steep learning curve either way); Discussion of improvements and plans for Sundays; planning for retreats and events; sharing about pastoral concerns; time for prayer

12:00pm: Lunch! Whole office’ worth of pastors head out for meal together

1:00pm: Back from lunch: work. Reading, making schedules, charts, sermon / music prep.

6:00pm: Another day at the office! Dinner time.

8:00pm: Back at the aptmt, relax, laundry, organize, etc.

11:00pm: Bedtime, after watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine


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