Global English Ministries

Before I moved to Korea, I didn’t know exactly where and how I would be serving here. During my interview, I got asked a range of questions, and a good number of them were about leading music. I even was asked if I would feel comfortable leading music for 1,000 people! Well, I have had a chance now to lead the worship music a couple of times now, but it was for 20-25 people. I now have a more accurate description of where I will be serving.

I serve the Global English Ministries [GEM] congregation, which falls under the Global Department of Global Mission Church. It is a congregation of approximately 300 English-speaking people, who may be native Korean (often “2nd generation”), ‘ex-pats’ from Australia, Canada, etc. and some ministers and missionaries. It is largely made up of people around my age, but there are healthy children’s and youth ministries as well. There are two services each Sunday, 10am and 2pm. We also have regular weekday prayer/praise meetings and various other ministries, such as visiting the orphanage or building relationships with North Korean refugees. This past Sunday I got to preach at the 2pm service! I have the sermon video below: