Sermon – Walk in the Light – 1 John 1:1-2:11


Busy-ness Update – 4/17/2015

I haven’t updated the blog in too long! Here’s a rundown:
In the past seven days or so . . .

* I got to lead a couple of songs for the evangelism’s class devotional time Saturday morning.

* I got to visit the orphanage we serve on Saturday afternoons.

* I preached the sermon for both Sunday services.

* I was voted “man of the match” because of my defensive efforts for Monday’s soccer scrimmage that we have weekly with 20-30 of the other Korean pastors. It was the first scrimmage where we wore our official team uniforms with our official team crest. It’s a big deal.

* I was asked on Thursday to do the English voice-over for a video update for the main church on their intercessory prayer ministry. They do video updates for all services weekly.

* and on this Saturday, I will lead the music and guided prayer for our Saturday Morning Prayer.

* and on Sunday, I get to play rhythm guitar on acoustic for the worship band!

This list [really only half of the things I’ve actually done in that time period] shows me two things, personally: 1) God has been preparing me in some of these things my whole life, so for Him to put them to use says a lot about His purposes that begin before I know what is going on, and 2) God gives me capabilities in the moment in things which┬áI have no good reason to perform successfully (like soccer) just to surprise everyone and make us wonder what He is doing.

God is making the most of this opportunity and I am getting to experience so much! I am glad to be able to share with you all.