Update – 7/22/2015

Here’s a rundown of some things I have been doing lately:

– recently started giving English tutoring to a young boy from the Chinese congregation; he is very smart and knows the English alphabet and a lot of English words but his mom wants to help him speak English and so I have been focusing on English syntax – how to make your own sentences! This is actually a great ministry opportunity as well. They are a homeschool family, so on top of the fact that many families raising young children are a little isolated from regular society, I get to build relationships with these people I might not otherwise even see through tutoring. Plus, I now get to fulfill the stereotype of a young American in Korea: I do “teach English.”

– recently started leading the youth worship for the Sunday services. This is an exciting opportunity to do regular worship leading. This past Sunday was a little difficult: I learned on Wednesday that 3 of the 5 songs we were singing on Sunday were entirely new to me! And I would be out of the country Thursday and Friday, doing my visa run to Japan! This role will be very challenging but rewarding as well.

– last Thursday I went on my second visa run to Fukuoka, Japan. This is Hakata Station:

It was rainy the whole day, which meant that the summer weather didn't get a chance to assert its heat.
It was rainy the whole day, which meant that the summer weather didn’t get a chance to assert its heat.

It was nice and relaxing – I got coffee on Friday and the barista gave me a tip on a good ramen restaurant that required adventuring two more subway stations away for lunch! Then, my flight got delayed out of Japan and so I had the adventure of landing in Incheon, Korea at midnight and paying a lot of money for the taxi-driver to take me home because the airport buses stop running at 10:45pm!

– I am also finishing up on August 1 the Bible study that I got to do for the past couple of months. We studied 2 Timothy and though 50% of the people who started the Bible study didn’t complete it, I think its been good to get some of my theology out there and discover more about the gospel. It has been good to dialogue and verbally process through 2 Timothy – I have formulated and re-formulated some things that I never would have just by myself.

– This Sunday I will be giving my third sermon so far. I will be preaching on Genesis 17-18:15, where the Lord confirms the Abrahamic covenant with circumcision and then ch. 18, the Lord shows up! I hope that I can prepare a sermon true to God’s word. This Sunday Paul and our senior pastor are gone on trips, so I will be preaching 3 services, including the youth. I am praying that I can carry the right tone for the different audiences.

I am so thankful for all these different experiences! Thanks for your love and attention!


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