2016 January 19 – Update from Korea

So, my life has taken an unexpected turn. I came to South Korea to take part in a pastoral internship for 2015. Along the way, I met many people, made many new friends, and encountered Korean life. In the months preceding the end of 2015, a romance began to blossom. I guess the story will come out in bits and pieces, as the romance continues to grow, and I just want to share with anyone who is interested!

Her name is Bethany. She’s lived in Seoul for a long time, but she grew up in the Philippines, where her parents were missionaries. They are originally from Tennessee and she has U.S. citizenship. She has a masters in applied linguistics and wants to minister to people in Korea: specifically as an accomplished advocate for the North Korean people.

I’m convinced that the Lord brought me here firstly to meet and fall in love with her. We are convinced it is all His doing!


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