2016 January 26 – Update from Korea

Over the next 8 months, I would pay Bethany more and more attention. I went with a couple of friends over to her house for dinner and coffee. I went along on a ministry trip to the North Korean resettlement center with Bethany and her mom. I would see her at church, every once in a while.

And then Bethany made a couple of trips to the States. The first trip was for training for her new job and she had expressed the need for motivation and encouragement to get through. I emailed her and sent her motivating youtube videos to get through the monotony. After she came back from this trip, I went with some friends to her new place in Seoul and we hiked up to the world-famous Namsan tower. On this outing, she expressed a desire for intellectual conversation or book suggestions. After she mentioned some books she had read, I messaged her later about, of all things, feminism. It was then that Bethany had an inkling that I was actually in to her.


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One thought on “2016 January 26 – Update from Korea”

  1. So good to hear the inside story on this courtship – and I’m thrilled of course. Your heart for the Lord plus sense of playfulness make for a very special young man (and I recall you as a young school student how can it be so many years ago?) Bless y’all –


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