2016 February 5 – Update from Korea

Bethany made another trip to the States, this time for her sister’s wedding. Bethany said before she left that she wanted to hike Bukhansan with us friends as a way to celebrate her birthday. Keeping in mind that she would have her birthday while she was in the States, I gifted her the latest CHVRCHES album and messaged her as she returned to South Korea. I was about to make another visa run to Japan when she messaged me about meeting me after my flight. It was then that I had an inkling that she was actually interested in me.

In October and November, I visited Bethany on Mondays. We would sit and talk and have coffee, then dinner, hiking around Seoul. It was like a dream. I was following this beautiful girl around the capital city of Korea, hoping to God this particular dream would come true. Then, I began visiting Seoul more often during the week as Bethany expressed interest in spending more time together.

One Saturday afternoon in December, after a visit to the border of North Korea, we sat down and talked about our relationship. Bethany said a long-distance relationship would be so hard, and I said that I wanted to stay if that would keep our relationship going. That night I stayed and helped Bethany decorate her place for Christmas. On December 24th, I attended a Christmas Eve service with Bethany and the long-term possibilities of our relationship began to be real.


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