2016 July 22 – Update from America

I am in Kansas City, MO, staying at the house with Josh and Charlotte, Bethany’s good friends. I apologize for the radio silence – I have been out of my blogging rhythm with all the travel. Here’s a succinct timeline of Bethany and Nathan’s travels:

summer 2016


I got to meet Bethany’s friends and family and spend time in Tennessee. We had a reception dinner with friends who traveled to Memphis. The next day, we had a reception open house with family from Bethany’s dad’s side of the family. Bethany and I did other things too, checking off our to-do list of things to accomplish in the States. We even did a super-sprint triathlon!

Part of my time there was 10 days of training in order to join the Network of International Christian Schools as an accompanying spouse and missionary. Bethany works for Yongsan International School, Seoul and is hired by NICS. So, in order to join as a married couple, I was brought into the organization and went through training pertinent to living overseas and being at an international school. So, I’m officially a NICS missionary – no more visa runs!

We spent a week in Texas and Bethany got to meet my family – my dad’s side of the family got together for a rare family reunion! We also had a reception evening with friends of the family and Avi, my dad’s newly adopted daughter, was also dedicated. God continues to put my family together!

Bethany and I will end our time in the States with a vacation time in California. At the end of July, we will head back to Korea for another school year. It is my hope that we can be strong and whole in the midst of the busy-ness and all that God is doing!




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One thought on “2016 July 22 – Update from America”

  1. Wonderful to meet your wife, Bethany, and get to see how well y’all are doing. She’s now officially one of our unofficial grandchildren! Safe travels and prayers for your work. You’re forgiven for long period between blog entries don’t let it happen too often hehehe


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